The Mechanocracy of Mankind, often shortened to 'MoM', is a military superpower within the Frencoverse and the successor state of Mechanocratic Russia in both canons, appearing in the FT section of the Main Canon and the Late section of the Alternative Canon. It is characterised in the two narratives as heavily-militarised and extremely xenophobic, its ambitions combined with its great strength representing a major threat to galactic (in the Altcanon, interdimensional) peace and stability.

Main Canon


The banner most commonly flown by the Mechanocracy of Mankind, featuring the personal heraldry of Supreme Leader Elena Trotskaya housed in a shield-esque structure.

The Mechanocracy of Mankind is a unitary, mechanocratic, quasi-theocratic totalitarian military dictatorship ruled by a triumvirate consisting of the Original Thirteen Chthonian hypersoldiers, the Khazard'Vaari dynasties and the Order of Cybermancers. Its capital world is the planet of Vyyrahk, acquired from the Utannic Matriarchies in 2199 during the Great Reprisal.

Often referred to as "an army that thinks it's a state" with no small amount of objective truth, the Mechanocracy takes the old Juche tenet of 'military first' to unheard-of extremes. Nearly all of its four trillion subjects (as of 2300) are either soldiers or intimately involved with the military, and all but four ecumenopolitan core-worlds (Vyyrahk, Eridanus, Aralkum III and Novyy-Avr) are geared almost totally towards sustaining a colossal war machine. Needless to say, this is the main reason that it boasts one of the largest and most powerful, if not the largest and most powerful, military forces of the galaxy. Its Starfleet numbers close to 400,000 starships, including 80 superheavy command ships (notably Apokalypsis-class dreadnoughts and the city-sized Mystra-class superdreadnoughts) and fourteen Chernabog-class hyperdreadnought planet-killers to turn upon any enemy with the brazenness to challenge this monolithic nation-cum-military.

Governmental system

Modelling itself on the 'command sector' governance model of the old Mechanocracy's Trotskaya Regime while drawing inspiration from the Khazard'Vaari empire's dynastic system, the Mechanocracy of Mankind is divided into many different sectors, organised on a star-cluster or constellational basis. Just as with the Trotskaya Regime, Sector Governors are directly responsible for the day-to-day management of the sector as well as organising that sector's armed forces and defensive capabilities to deploy when called upon. In an attempt to ensure that sectors do not defect and remain loyal to the Supreme Leader, each is monitored by an incorruptible Justiciar reporting directly to her.

So far, the only sector to defect under this system is the Perspektiva sector in the galactic east, under Sector-Commander Evgeniy Trotsky - and he did so with the assent of Justiciar-Primus C'shaanj himself. The both of them sought to press the point of how far the Supreme Leader had been thrown into insanity with her wild obsession to destabilise the Pan-Terran Imperium during the savage Schism War and thereby (inadvertently) place human survival under threat. However, the plan went badly wrong after Trotskaya was misinformed by High Commander Artyom Madrek, who wanted to see the PTI wiped off the face of the galaxy, and - believing that the PTI itself had turned her beloved son into a weapon to use against her - she activated Chernabog Prime, then attacked and destroyed Earth in a terrible fit of rage.




Alternative Canon


The flag of the Mechanocracy of Mankind, with a modified Winged Hammer and Compass that emblemised the Trotskaya regime of the original Mecharussia. Beneath it is Trotskaya's Triad, a suggestion adopted by the Grand Curatrix herself to illustrate that the needs of her country are always above those of herself.

The Mechanocracy of Mankind as it appears in the Alternative Canon is similar to its Main Canon incarnation. It is, however, formed much earlier, established in September 2172 as opposed to 2199, with its capital being situated on Jotunheim rather than Vyyrahk. Also of note is that the Altcanon Mechanocracy of Mankind is far, far larger than its Main Canon counterpart. Claiming control of 62,508 planets across 47 dimensions as of its foundation, it dwarfs almost every other major polity in existence, including its chief rival, the Imperium of Sidhae. As is appropriate for its size and the nature of its governance, the military that it boasts is huge.

Unlike in the Main Canon, however, there is no Khazard'Vaari diaspora within its borders. It is also founded under a vastly different historical and political context, there being no equivalent to the Utannic invasion of Sol or the Global Crusade prior to its creation. It also does not absorb the United Dominion of Asian Peoples.

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