The Mechanocratic International, shortened to MechIntern and infrequently called the Fifth International (referring to the prior four socialist internationals), is a mutual cooperation and military alliance between mechanocratic countries in the Alternative Canon.

Founded in 2155, shortly after the establishment of the Tandi-Nama Accord, MechIntern consists of Mechanocratic Russia, the United European Mechanocracy and the United Dominion of Asian Peoples. It also incorporates, and seats representatives from, other extant socialist entities with ties to the Mechanocratic Ideology, notably the Cazadores and PROMEK. Most executive decisions in the alliance, however, are made by the 'big three', a triumvirate seating the leaders of its three main powers – Mecharussian Grand Curatrix Elena Trotskaya, European General Secretary Karel Anděl and Asian Premier Rong Dazhao.

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