Melee weapons are a type of weaponry that have been designed for the specific purpose of close-quarter combat with an enemy combatant, without the use of projectiles or merely one's fists (with the exception of power fists). Universally employed by almost all societies, until the gradual drift of preference towards ranged weapons during the First Age of Exploration, melee weapons still exist as a form of emergency weapon — or, by certain types of soldiers, their main and primary weapon against lesser and weaker infantry.

List of melee weapons

Listed below is a comprehensive list of melee weapons that are featured within the Frencoverse, with their appropriate nation of origin.


  • Despite melee weapons often being viewed as "primitive" on the battlefield, modern-day melee weapons are crafted to such a degree of strength and versatility, that their effectiveness in trained hands overrides any notion of weakness.
  • Certain soldiers have been trained specifically to wield melee weapons, either due to the power that they can deliver, or the general destruction of morale that they often provide.
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