The Milky Way, from an artist's representation.

The Milky Way is the home galaxy of the Human, Machine Race, and Neo-Human sapient species, along with a plethora of other alien species and races such as the Kaurans, Khazard'Vaar, and Zang'Tzk, amongst millions of others. It is also the macrosetting in which almost all stories within the Frencoverse unwind, and can be considered to be the only place that holds more lore and knowledge than even the epochs on Earth.

Physical information

The Milky Way galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy of average size, having a diameter that is debated to be from one hundred and 120,000 light years in width to possibly 150,000 light years or more. The Milky Way contains around 100 to 400 billion stars, and possesses around 100 billion planets, with countless more drifting planemos. Sol is located within the galaxy's main disk, and is approximately 27,000 light years away from Sagittarius A* and the Galactic Center in the Galactic Core, specifically residing within the heavily populated Orion Arm.

Several satellite galaxies come to orbit the Milky Way's center, lingering either above or below the disks and commonly breaking through it over the course of millions of years. Important satellite galaxies such as the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy are such examples, with this galaxy holding Sanctus. Even so, countless clusters and smaller galaxies orbit the Milky Way, and are often situated thousands of light years away from the disk's surface.


The Milky Way has been estimated to be around 13 billion years old, dating very close to the Big Bang and the start of the existence of the Universe. From that point onward, the Milky Way began to accrete stellar matter within its breadth, eventually coming to raise the amount of stars inside to the modern count.


[insert precursor civilizations and stuff]

The state of the Milky Way in 2300 AD is quite stable, although it is still pockmarked by multiple conflicts and battles within and without the four major human powers. The Shamyahi Independence Jihad on Chokoban in the Nexum flares early on in 2300, while the Revolt of Characters comes to burn simultaneously on New Jomon. [insert other nations' shenanigans here]

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