Mobilisation Order 47

The poster announcing the order, translated into English.


General Mobilisation Order No. 47, usually shortened to Order 47 or Mobilisation Order 47, was a decree issued by the Mecharussian National People's Senate on the 5th of September, 2153 - the day after the Battle of the Sunikagrad University Hospital that saw the kidnapping of infants Evgeniy and Yulia Trotskaya by the Alain Cell and the Ghost Commandos. It was also the last Mobilisation Order to be passed by the Stahlrim Regime before the Trotskaya Regime seized power in March 2153.

The order was passed by Grand Curator Prokhor Stahlrim without the ratification of the Senate, launched in conjunction with immediate diplomatic negotiations with representatives of the Imperium of Sidhae and the New Frenco Empire. Such a move would normally be constitutionally illegal, though given the dire circumstances and the impending threat of war between the Mechanocracy and the Imperium (the Senate was just about to ratify an open declaration of hostilities before Stahlrim burst into the Convention Hall and vetoed the decree), it was overlooked. Even so, Stahlrim had to convince the Senate to follow through with the mobilisation order.

Order 47 specified the immediate need for 100 able-bodied fighting men and women to join General Elena Trotskaya in her pursuit of Alain, and instructed new volunteers to present the poster to a nearby recruitment office and report to Gatchina District in Greater Sunikagrad to await further orders. In a move of unprecedented scope, the Order was issued worldwide. This resulted in delegations from not just the Mechanocracy, but the Cazadores, the United Dominion of Asian Peoples and even PROMEK being sent to join Trotskaya's impending campaign - the Flight of the Polunochnaya.

Order 47 is credited not just with enabling the Flight, but also setting the foundations for the Volunteer movement that would appear in the Trotskaya Regime. The ability of prominent populists, such as Varfolomei Kaffarov, to mobilise their vast hordes of followers to form an army would be seized upon by the Mecharussian state in time for World War IV. It would also form the basis of the Prokazniki that Ippolyta the Manreaper formed in early 2154.

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