Frenkish Flag

The Imperial banner is based on the old-world Flag of the United States, with the red and white striped signifying the original thirteen British colonies that "civilized" the continent and later became independent. The thirteen stars represent the thirteen supercities of the Frenkish mainland, with the center star representing New Rome.

The New Frenco Empire (also known as "The Empire", "Frenco", or in a more derogative sense, "Frenk Land") is one of three hyperpower entities and the namesake of the Frencoverse. The Empire is an authoritarian meritocratic technocracy with well over three billion citizens (seconded in population only by the United Dominion of Asian Peoples) and exercising control over the largest land area in the Frencoverse solar system.


The state is controlled by an elite few, and is often considered oligarchic by nature. In theory, the Emperor rules as the Head of State, while the Chancellor rules as the Head of Government. At their side is the Council of Whips, twenty individuals from various professions and positions deemed vital to state interest and exercising full authority over the state's function and involvement in these core industries and institutions. The Whips also usually select a new Emperor among their own ranks when needed. In reality, however, power in the Empire has shifted to one, extremely powerful dictator; the Chancellor. The Imperial Chancellory was typically considered a "grooming" position assigned by the Emperor for an individual to supervise the government in preparation for their office once they die. However, power has (extremely subtly) floated towards ruling Chancellor McKenzy Tandi, leaving the Council of Whips nothing more than an advisory position and the Emperor himself a figurehead.

Below the Council of Whips is the Imperial Common Council, a representative house of officials from each supercity. The governor of each city selects one representative per district (the smallest cities, such as Northwatch, can have as few as ten. The largest, such as World City, have well over a hundred) to serve in New Rome. Next to the Common Council is the Imperial Colonial Council, which draws representatives from the various colonial holdings across the Earth and solar system. Theoretically equal in power to the Common Council, the Colonial Council petitions for legislation appropriate for it's own lands. Colonial Council members can be chosen for the Whips, and it is entirely possible for members to become the Chancellor and maybe Emperor, though it has yet to happen.

The Judicial system is completely automated by a wide web of Justiciar supercomputers, who analyze criminal cases using evidence presented to it. The Imperial equivalent to the "supreme court" is the Justiciar Central complex, which stores all of the nation's Justiciar information and history onto one large mainframe. When serious questions of law and order are presented to the mainframe, it compiles all date to give a result.

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