The RO-39, the handheld variant of the flamethrower.

"Flame on, motherfuckers!"

~ Captain Erina Dmitriyeva to a roomful of misfortunate SFR-VP rebels.


The Ognemet, shablon 2139 (2139-pattern Flamethrower), shortened to O-39, is a flamethrower used by the Mecharussian Armed Forces. Somewhat contrary to its name, the term 'flamethrower' is something of a misnomer, given that it is in fact an extremely-overpowered plasma cutter capable of casting a beam of searingly-hot ionised gas to a distance of forty-five metres. While that range is vastly inferior to true flamethrowers, the ranges that the weapon is normally deployed at are very often much lower than its maximum, negating the range deficiency.

It operates by using a heavy-duty fusion core to superheat atmospheric gases to 8,000 degrees centigrade - hot enough to incinerate rhenium in a single blast - making it extremely deadly against both armoured and unarmoured targets alike, with even warriors augmented by Voidpurge viroblood unable to stand before it. The plasma is contained within a magnetic bottle, powered by the same fusion core as the heating device.

Notable Users and Uses

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