The Old Nations (French: Anciennes Nations, German: Alte Nationen, Dutch: Oude Naties) is a Tier II power spanning the majority of western Europe in the Maincanon.

A stratocratic regime, the Old Nations' primary focus is its military power, towards which an inordinate proportion of its economic output is geared. In 2130, it is engaged in a war with the Commonwealth and New Frenco Empire.

Relatively isolated in the world, and surrounded by current or potential threats, the Old Nations maintains close military allies/puppets to its east - the Baltic Union, Zapadoslavia, Carpathia, and Anatolia. It enjoys total control of the Mediterranean, and is able to project its power throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

The Old Nations formed during the Nuclear Winter from the remnants of various European (primarily French, German, and Dutch) military units and came to expand its influence across the continent in the Winter's aftermath. It considers itself the successor to pre-war Europe's legacy, and claims the territory spanning "from Lisbon to the Urals".

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