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The PP-1 Kryuk (Hook) is a plasma pistol used by the Mecharussian Armed Forces. Drawing power from a small microfusion battery fixed into the front, functioning rather like a magazine, it shoots superheated bolts of gas that cause massive damage to armoured and unarmoured targets alike. Like its larger cousin, the AVP, the strength of the bolt can be manually-altered - the Kryuk is able to shoot nonlethal 'stun' bolts all the way up to a devastating blast of plasma comparable in power to a hand grenade, expending the entire cell with this explosive shot.

A more powerful and efficient variant, the PP-1S, is observed being used on occasion.

Notable Users and Uses


  • Each of the three pistols used by the MAF have a name that starts with the same letter K: Kulak, Koush and Kryuk.
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