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"That Red Tigress woman sure knows her way 'round a toolbox. Who knew that you could slap a grenade launcher onto a damn pistol of all things?"

~ Deimos discusses the Tiran.

The PP-2T Tiran (Tyrant) is a very large plasma pistol used by the Mecharussian Armed Forces. Designed by General Elena Trotskaya under the name 'Fobos' (to counterpart her fusion sword 'Deymos') after she was dissatisfied with the underwhelming performance of the PP-1 Kryuk plasma pistol, it was initially reserved for her own usage until the KBP approached her and asked for a schematic. It draws large amounts of power from a fusion battery inserted into the rear of the gun. Uniquely for a weapon of its category, it also possesses a 40mm airburst launcher able to fire a wide variety of projectiles at the pull of the trigger.

Though Trotskaya began designing the firearm from 2146 onward and possessed a completed prototype by 2151, it was not until 2154 that the gun could be mass-produced by the Government as the components needed to manufacture the gun were incredibly rare. For instance, the materials required to manufacture the superconductors for the barrel could only be procured in bulk from Europa.

Notable Users and Uses

  • As well as designing the firearm, Trotskaya uses Fobos as her main weapon. She would keep hold of it, along with Deymos, even during the Utannic invasion of Sol. The weapon proved surprisingly effective against alien forces, even bringing down the fearsome Seldik juggernauts with ease.
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