The Anti-Tank Rifle of the Volkovsky System, Pattern 2132, or PTRV-32, is a heavy single-shot anti-materiel cannon chambered for 57x280mm shells. Usually operated by a two-man crew, its prime function in the Mecharussian Armed Forces is to destroy fortifications and medium-to-heavy armoured vehicles, allowing troops to push forward with ease.

PTRV-32 Loading Instructions

An English language copy of a leaflet containing instructions on how to reload the PTRV-32, issued to Mecharussian sniper teams.

The PTRV-32 serves this function well into the 2140s and 50s, until it is ultimately replaced for its original purpose by the much more powerful 125mm 2A52 Burya assault cannon, used for the same role by heavy assault troopers. Even after 2152, it is still used by standard-pattern HATs for a light anti-armour role until the introduction of the RRG-25-7 Smerch rocket grenade launcher into military service as of 2154, when it is phased out wholesale after 22 years of service.

Notable users and uses

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