"I do not have a name, because names are for friends. One name that I have heard being tossed about as of late is 'Foxy', but I do not like that name. Foxes are craven beings. They eternally hide in the shadows and wait for the storm to pass. I do not. I am the clouds that sustain the storm. Where I step, I command and bend to my will chaos itself."

~ Pandemonium introduces himself to Alain.


Pandemonium is an ork and the leader of the wasteland raider outfit known simply as 'Pandemonium's Raiders'. Thought to have been killed in 2134 by the Chthonian Elena Trotskaya during the Salvagings, he survived the Battle of Bezymianny Fortress that marked the end of the massive military campaign launched by the Mecharussian Armed Forces against him. Since then, he has remained in hiding, having made a vow to destroy Trotskaya for ending his nearly-successful bid to take over the world. In addition to being an incredibly-intelligent leader, elusive and physically-strong warrior, he is a very powerful psyker.

In the Alternative Canon, he and his raiders make a resurgence by exploiting the volatility of Russo-Synkom relations and, alongside Singaporean warlords Kristijan Zivkovic, Wahyu Sukanto and Sophie Bu, engineering a full-scale war between the Mecharussian Armed Forces and the irredentist Singaporean Federative Republic of Vodorazdel and Primorskiy.


By every account a product of the failures of a nominally-democratic America, Pandemonium is a die-hard anarchist who would love for nothing more than to obliterate every single government on the planet. That, he believes, would allow for humans to experience true liberty, free from what he perceives as the oppressive grip of a ruling-class that will never truly be accountable to the majority irrespective of what democratic measures are implemented.

Chaotic in not just political outlook but his wider personality as well, Pandemonium's schemes are exceptionally difficult to predict and very often completely change on the fly, with every eventuality possible - a pragmatic necessity when functioning in a totalitarian state such as the Mechanocracy, with an omnipresent surveillance system and powerful security services with his head at the very summit of their kill-lists.

Notable Appearances

  • Though he receives several passing mentions in both canons, his first proper appearance in person is in the Altcanon RP A Blood Debt.


  • Pandemonium is inspired by Gul'dan, a powerful warlock from the Warcraft universe, as well as the Joker from the Batman franchise.
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