Singatest 4

The People's Technocratic Federation of Singapore, simply known as the PTFS, is a political entity occurring in the Alternative Canon. The PTFS was the founder of the League of Mechanocracies, through which it made first contact with Mechanocratic Russia, and soon afterwards gifted technology as a mark of friendship between the two countries.

The PTFS is a mechanocratic technocracy de jure, however it is speculated that its actual political structure be much more complicated; so much as to sparking a civil war when a successor to the ruling mechanocrat failed to be appointed following said archailect's disappearance.

The PTFS originates from another universe, in which it is heavily implied the world was supposedly 'ruined by fandom movements of different video games', followed by a nuclear war resulting in the PTFS's rise, although it was founded years prior. The PTFS has interdimensional and interuniversal travelling capabilities.

At an unknown date, the PTFS's homeworld was destroyed by several tetraphysical missiles fired by the SIAF of the Syncretic Combine despite it being a major founding member, while its interuniversal and off-world domains were transferred to collective Synkom administration, dissolving the state completely. Mentions of it in Synkomese records and documents were deliberately censored and expunged, effectively being erased from history.

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