Elena Trotskaya, the most famous and powerful of the Chthonian hypersoldiers.

"I'll tell you why, you audacious twat. With Project Chthonia, we're making history. This girl is to be the first of a whole new breed of supersoldiers, the mightiest warriors this upstart world will ever see. The survival of the nation depends on our success or failure."

~ General Anton Goremykin in his diaries.


Project Chthonia was a top-secret supersoldier project for the Mecharussian Armed Forces that was initiated in 2129. The brainchild of then-Spetsnaz commander General Anton Goremykin and conducted with direct assistance from OTAN itself, the Chthonia Programme differed from the previous two supersoldier projects - Projects Antares and Betelgeuse - in that it used live humans instead of war robots for the first time, many of them taken to be experimented upon against their will. The original order was for 10,000 soldiers to be produced, but by the time the project was temporarily shelved in 2134, only 100 had been manufactured. This number would further be whittled down during the Salvagings, Second Russo-European War and Ten Years' War to just 13, including the original, Elena Trotskaya. Soldiers created by the programme were named after heroes and heroines in ancient Greek mythology, with the sole exceptions of Trotskaya and Drakolich, and referred to either as C-Class hypersoldiers or Chthonians.

In spite of the programme's temporary cancellation, the knowledge gained from the Chthonia Programme was vital to the success of future Mecharussian hypersoldier programmes, such as Projects Diomedes, Erinyes (Frencanon) and Echidna (Altcanon).

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