"This is no mere appendage replacement. I assure you of that."

-Joseph Hightower

A Psionic Exhibitor is, by technical terms, any non-sentient device or object capable of projecting psionic power. The earliest concepts of Psionic Exhibitors came from the New Frenco Empire, who invented the first Exhibitors to give their early psykers (who were and sometimes still are grievously sick and disabled due to radiation exposure in the Outlands) a means to actually project their power past their physically frail bodies via secure "data links" to their mind using a primitive, miniaturized variation of the Hightower Mainframe's layout of outside projection. While sturdy, the earliest Exhibitors could only tap into a nearby pool of psionic energy, meaning that only psykers could utilize them. However, as technology improved, so did the distance and storage of the energy, allowing even non-psykers to utilize them. This is usually done one of two ways: either drawing from a tiny, self-contained pool located in the exhibitor itself or drawing the energy pools of an existing psyker of sufficient power. It should be noted, however, that the former (at least those produced by humans) are extremely weak. The latter would require a psyker well-above normal capability, meaning that only the Archaelects can really distribute Exhibitors of this caliber, and hence, are extremely rare. Exhibitors that draw on an outside pool, be it from the user's own innate power or the energy of another being, almost always require an augmentation, typically the replacement of a finger, though, depending on the severity of the condition of the former, it may require an entire limb. Self-contained units typically do not require this, though many opt for it out of fear of losing them.

Notable Examples

  • Due to a medical condition hampering her ability to naturally project, Harper Brooks' prosthetic arm is outfitted with several that taps into her mind's innate power.
  • Hightower had one implanted into the brain of his daughter, McKenzy Tandi, to give her a last ditch protection measure should she ever need it. This Psionic Exhibitor draws directly from the psychic power of her father's, theoretically making her more powerful than most natural psykers.
  • Lunarian NGGC's (including Athanasia Nama), despite being mostly unknown, are theorized to be extremely powerful self-contained Exhibitors.
  • Patrick Luciano was gifted a self-contained Exhibitor by a high-ranking member of the Imperial government.
  • The Starkiller Tablet is an extremely powerful Psionic Exhibitor, forged by the powerful Khazard'Vaar cyberlich Qh'naaz, originally owned by Pandemonium but eventually looted by Elena Trotskaya. It is unknown if the tablet is a self-contained unit, or draws from Qh'naaz's pool.
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