"Our commandos have guns that go through Sidh power armour like jokes through the Grand Curatrix. The penguin-fuckers stand the same chance as a herd of drunk sheep do in a fight with an enraged wendigo."

~ Special Purpose Guard Brigade Colonel Svyatoslav Yazov, prior to battling Commonwealth troops during World War IV (AC).


The RIP-25 (translates to Handheld Ion Repeater), sometimes called the RIP-T, is a firearm in service with the Mecharussian Armed Forces from early 2152 onwards in both the Alternative and Main Canon. Being considered the pinnacle of infantry-based plasma/ion weaponry, it sees active service for many, many years after its introduction, being observed in action as late as the 2270s in the Main Canon. Initially, like its predecessor the AVP, it is only seen in action with elite troops, particularly the Spetsnaz and the Novaya Chthonians, but by the apex of World War IV and the Third Russo-European War it is in general military usage.


A RIP-25 in DMR configuration, featuring a rangefinder, a bipod and a variable-zoom scope.

The RIP-25 is known for being highly adaptable, able to accommodate many different weapon attachments and coming with many plasma concentration settings. This allows it to be a powerful workhorse of the Mecharussian armies and later those of the Mechanocracy of Mankind. More importantly, it fulfils the requirements for a standardised arsenal as stipulated by the Trotskaya Reforms, cheapening manufacture and making logistics a far easier undertaking.


A RIP-25 converted into a double-barrel, microgun-esque weapon system.

The unmatched versatility of the RIP-25 is not its only perk, however. Even when firing in standard mode, a single ion bolt is more powerful than even the sniper-mode of the original AVP, cutting through powered armour with ease - the sniping mode of the RIP-25 is equivalent in power to a 23-millimetre cannon. At the time of its introduction, it was widely accepted amongst the Mecharussian brass to be a superior weapon system to anything that the West could possibly field.

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