"I present to you my baby - the fastest and most fun way of emptying reaper bug nests, pirate ship command decks and Frenkish classrooms." ~ Lieutenant Vsevolod Berdan.


The Saiga-30 is a kind of assault shotgun used by the Mecharussian Armed Forces. Lightweight, bearing a very high ammunition capacity (for a shotgun) of 30 rounds and fully-automatic with virtually no recoil, the Saiga-30 is highly popular among both the soldiers that use them for close-quarters combat and in civilian hunting and self-defence circles. As a result, it sees service in the MAF for many years after its introduction in 2138.

Like its predecessors, the Saiga-30 is capable of accepting many types of three-inch round, most commonly slugs, 'dragon's breath' incendiary rounds (turning the shotgun into a kind of improvised flamethrower), and even experimental antimatter cluster (ACLUS) rounds, saturating the target with a virtually endless stream of explosive devastation.

The shotgun's selling point, however, is its being one of the few weapon systems that can use deadly armour-piercing carbon flechettes. This trait did not come without much difficulties in development of the round, however: the barrel would have to be changed with almost every volley as the flechettes would shred the inside to pieces.

Notable users and uses

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