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The Schlachtross Heavy Armored Combat Vehicle, officially designated as Sd.Kfz.187-2103 and nicknamed 'Schlachs' by the Mecharussian Armed Forces, is the primary armored fighting vehicle of the European Federation and (in the Altcanon) later the United European Mechanocracy, the Federal Republic of Britain as well as the North African Arab People's Republic. Designed parallel to the Frenkish M6 Edwin in the early years of the 22nd century, it is one of the oldest tank designs still in use. It is notable for its unique FOOT Enhanced Mobility System which is often regarded as an early precursor to more sophisticated mechanized walker designs, and was originally developed to give the European military an edge against the Russian Mechanocracy in the Caucasus and Carpathia regions.

Notable appearances

  • The Schlachtross makes several prominent appearances in the Trail of Bones series of Tales from the Frencoverse.
    • Its capabilities as a war machine are rather exaggerated, however. It was to be explained later in the storyline that the Tale series was in fact a depiction of an in-universe movie of the same name.
  • The Schlachtross is first mentioned in Access Violation. It is spoken of by Victor Golovkin, who is reminded of a war story by Blazko's tactic of destroying an enemy turret using an explosive-armed remote control car.
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