Second Russo-European War
Dates 31 December 2141 - 02 February 2145
Locations Eastern and Central Europe
Participants Elena Trotskaya, many more of note
Belligerents European Federation (with Frenkish political support)

Mechanocratic Russia

Deaths EuroFed: 94,000 dead; 112,000 wounded; 6,000 captured

Mekhrus: 14,329 dead; 23,594 wounded; 11 captured

Outcome Mecharussian victory

Control of Finland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece ceded to Mekhrus

The Second Russo-European War was a military conflict between the Mechanocracy of Russia and the European Federation. It began with an incident in the Polish border town of Chelm in late 2141, widely blamed on the Mecharussian Government, and ended with the Treaty of Riga and Vilnius. Both were signed in February 2145, a month after the Battle of London. The war was fought concurrently with the Ten Years' War in the Far East, between the New Frenco Empire and the United Dominion of Asian Peoples.


Invasion of Europe



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