The 6K30 Shkval Active Protection System is a cybernetic augmentation created and utilised as an infantry-portable hardkill countermeasure system by the Mecharussian Armed Forces.


The Shkval (English: Squall) APS was developed in the late 2120s under the direction of Ivan Golovkin, chief director of the Mekh Military Research Directorate. Essentially a downsized version of the Uragan-M APS found on armoured fighting vehicles, Shkval is a tiny shaped-charge embedded into a two-centimeter wide nodule on the body. The charge blasts a cluster of steel ball-bearings in a forward cone as shrapnel. After each blast, the shaped-charge must be replaced.

It does not make an optimal antipersonnel weapon, and it is useless against energy and high-velocity kinetic weapons in addition to overwhelming volumes of fire, but against large projectiles such as RPGs and grenades, it is devastating. Its targeting systems are directly linked up to the user's augmented sensory organs/processors - it can theoretically neutralise any incoming threat that the user sees, hears and even smells.

The Shkval system had initially been tested on heavy assault units and light mechwalkers, but the prototype was first used in combat by Yelena Trotskaya during Operation Weeping Sword, the counterinsurgency phase of the conquest of the Baltic Union. After the Drakon Brigade, the first Shkval systems would be issued on a general basis to paratrooper regiments in 2135.


  • Shkval is based on the Typhoon Explosive System that appears in the Deus Ex video games, operating on the same principles. The key difference is that Typhoon is used as an offensive weapon, whereas Shkval is purely for defence.
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