Shturmovaya Mashina

A Shturmovaya Mashina deployed and ready for battle.

"Now you learn why your one-man army idea is stupid, weak pretender!"

~ High Commander Artyom Madrek to an unnamed Imperial commander.


The Shturmovaya Mashina (Assault Machine), commonly abbreviated to ShM (not to be confused with the Mecharussian Solstheimmetall Research Bureau), is a walker-flyer hybrid that makes up the backbone of the Mechanocracy of Mankind's surface armoured battalions. It towers far above the landscape, reaching close to fifty metres when fully extended, and also bears the advantage of being extremely mobile and numerous, not least thanks to its ability to retract itself and fly away with the help of a graviton distortion unit.

Although individually a Shturmovaya Mashina stands little chance against its primary human foe, the Mk10 Lioness, their overwhelming numbers and powerful armament typically give them the advantage against enemy BOCOBATs, a factor that partially accounted for the Mechanocracy's crushing early success against the Imperium in ground theatres of the Schism War.



Most typically the Shturmovaya Mashina is armed with twin fusion laser cannons, similar in design to the laser weapons used by earlier Mecharussian mechwalkers, though the weapon systems have been greatly improved by this stage by considerable advances in nuclear fusion technology. For defeating soft targets and especially those hiding inside of dense cover, the ShM possesses a number of autocannon-grade ion blasters affixed to flexible, whip-like tentacles that extend from its underside.

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