"You must surely know, Judicator, of the ongoing conflict between the Mechanocracy and Singaporean terrorists in the east."

"I figured. I also figure that you're their ringleader..."

"No. It is merely that the rebels and I share a common interest, and cooperate with each other as a result. It just so happens that that interest coincides with yours..."

~ Pandemonium introduces Alain to the Pact


The Sixteen July Pact is the name given to the Altcanon coalition between Pandemonium's Raiders, the Russian Mafia and the Singaporean Federative Republic of Vodorazdel and Primorskiy to bring down the Mecharussian state. The three factions, along with Sidh Judicator Alain, are, on the surface, united by a common hatred of Elena Trotskaya. Pandemonium, however, successfully manipulated the Pact to facilitate the pursuit of his real agenda - turn his nemesis over to his benefactor, the "consumer of planes" who had been pursuing an alien artefact referred to as 'the machine king'.

The Pact's name comes from the planned date of her demise: the 16th of July, 2152. After the attack failed and all of its leaders killed (except Alain), the Pact was all but dissolved.

Notable appearances

  • The Pact appears for the first and last time in A Blood Debt.
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