"Soma - The easy solution to all life's troubles!"
-Recreational Somahaliphide Advertisement
Somahaliphide (shortened to "Soma" for casual and marketing purposes) is a Frenkish chem, produced by state-controlled pharmaceutical companies under the Office of Science and Industry for the purpose of encouraging hedonism in the general population. Soma is a psychoactive drug known to deliver an unmatched sense of euphoria to users, lifting them into a careless ecstasy, heightening the senses, and (most notably) drastically affecting the sex drive, giving users an enhanced sexual appetite (complemented by Soma's other effects, which heighten the sexual experience). Soma is generally nonaddictive (though it isn't unheard of for a dependence to set in under certain circumstances), and carries little risk unless consumed in vast quantities. Side effects can include headache, dehydration and nausea. Soma is capable of being produced in any form, be it solid, liquid or gas. Gas is the most common, with inhaler-delivered gas typically favored over solid pills and liquid injections for recreational purposes and grenade or missile-delivery of gas forms favored for law enforcement. Liquid forms aren't uncommon, as a droplet or two of concentrated Soma are a typical ingredient in many alcoholic beverages across the Empire.

Soma has a myriad of uses, though it is most commonly distributed as a recreational drug to the greater populace. However, perhaps it's most infamous use is in law enforcement and military applications, where it is often deployed as a chemical weapon. Typically utilized for purposes of riot suppression, Soma gas has been known to spread quickly throughout massive crowds, quickly neutralizing them with a highly-concentrated dose in a nonlethal, humane manner. This is typically done via gas grenades or missiles.


  • Soma is a direct reference to a drug of the same name (although without the -"haliphide" at the end, which is admittedly just technobabble on the author's part) in Aldous Huxley's 1931 novel Brave New World, with the novel itself being a huge inspiration for the New Frenco Empire. Like in the Frencoverse, Soma is a state-produced drug distributed for the population with the intent of keeping them content in their hedonism so that they may not oppose the government. It is also used for effective riot control when needed, like in the novel.
  • It has been compared, by Sidh sources, to the Sidhae compound known as "Hysteriat". Unlike Soma, Hysteriat seems to be a pure, sex-focused drug, much more powerful (but much more dangerous and addictive) than Soma. Hysteriat is shown to be used for recreation and torture.
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