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The Spetsnaz emblem.

"I've spoken to a group of Frenkish Vanguards before - this particular bunch, vets from the Ten Years' War, fought on Taiwan, Alaska and Japan against the armies of the UDAP, walked and slept through every hell a soldier can imagine. But even they shat themselves when I talked about the Spetsnaz. That's because they know that some sorry bastards are in for it big time when there are GRU operators in the field."

~ unnamed military analyst.


The Special Purpose Guard Brigade, commonly shortened to Spetsnaz, are the elite military formations of the Mecharussian Armed Forces. Commanded by General Elena Trotskaya and attached to the Eighth VDV Regiment (though in practice operating across all four branches of the MAF), they are widely regarded as being the finest fighting unit that the Solar System has to offer, perhaps surpassed only by the Final/Original Thirteen - also trained and commanded by Trotskaya. They are also notable for their brutal training regimen, the work of their commanding officer. As their name suggests, they consist of as many as 5,000 troops at any given time, consisting of five battalions.

In combat, they make extensive use of directed-energy weaponry, particularly plasma weapons such as the AVP repeating blaster and PP-1 Kryuk pistol, and other highly-advanced equipment, particularly optical camouflage.

Notable groups

Spetsnaz operating units are divided into different groups, each with their own purpose, independent function and chain of command.


  • The name 'Special Purpose Guard Brigade' is directly borrowed from the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade from Tom Clancy's EndWar novel and video game.
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