A Mecharussian stormhammer in its inactive state.


Stormhammers are a type of melee weapon. Originally designed as a powerful and highly destructive mining tool by the Mariposa orks living in eastern Siberia, it has entered service in the Mecharussian Armed Forces as a powerful implement of destruction. Its most notable users in modern times are the Chthonian Akhilles, the Diomedian hypersoldiers and the heavy assault troopers of the three Black units (the Black Dragons, Black Coats and Black Reavers).

A similar weapon known as a thunder hammer exists in the Imperium of Sidhae.


The stormhammer's beastly destructive power is unleashed through a discharge from an unstable fusion core housed in the hammer's head: the thunderous blast of plasma is akin to a powerful shaped-charge, focused into a deadly cone. Stormhammers have been observed destroying even modern tanks in a single strike, enemy infantry obviously not representing a problem for them. The might of the stormhammer is offset by its considerable bulk, requiring massive physical brawn to even wield, more still to swing it with any measure of lethality. Each hammer-strike also necessitates the fusion core to be replaced and recharged, though modern stormhammer designs come with wireless power transfer modules, allowing independent recharge of the core.


  • The stormhammer is based upon the thunder hammer from Warhammer 40,000, which is almost identical in function. The weapon's name, however, comes from a dwarven weapon in the Warcraft universe, which operates more like a magical hand grenade than a war-hammer.
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