The Syncretic Combine, or the Synkom from its German acronym/portmanteau, is a political entity occuring in the Alternative Canon. The Synkom does not in itself reside in the Frencoverse, instead it spans its power across multiple universes and it is speculated to have just footholds in at least billions of universes, although its true size is undisclosed. The Synkom was founded by many space-faring and some already interuniversal nations, such as the People's Technocratic Federation of Singapore, and is considered a multiversal confederation of nations.

The Synkom is also referred to as the Combine in various sources, particularly by scholars of Victoriala, though there are also instances with confusing the PTFS for the wider Synkom.

The Synkom had played huge roles in the Alternative Canon, providing the economical and technological basis for the PTFS to sponsor various insurrections in the Mechanocracy, while maintaining ostensibly friendly relations. Synkomese technologies, not necessarily originating in the PTFS, were seen often in the hands of such insurgents and rebels frequently, despite efforts to prove otherwise.

Still, the Synkom is known little among the Frencoverse inhabitants, most only knowing of the PTFS due to Mecharussian propaganda. It is also commonly confused with the PTFS itself. Much like the PTFS too however, the Synkom is taken by little seriously due to its eccentricity of behaviour.

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