T-200 Alt

An early prototype variant of the T-200, armed with a plasma cannon instead of its usual hot-ion cannon.

The Uralvagonzavod T-200 is an armoured chassis used by the Mecharussian Armed Forces from 2153 onwards. It first sees action in the Main Canon during the Martian Crisis, in which prototypes acquired by Narodnaya Volya are deployed against the Frenkish Imperial Military to great effect. In the Alternative Canon, it participates in the 2155 invasion of Jotunheim.

The T-200 bears the nickname 'Tigrenok' (Тигренок), which translates to 'tiger-cub' - a homage to Grand Curatrix Elena Trotskaya (the so-called 'Red Tigress'), who describes the tank as one of the most core components of the reformed MAF.


The T-200 is propelled using six graviton repulsion units - two fixed to the back for forward movement and four attached to struts for above-ground hover and manoeuvrability. It also possesses a powerful energy shield generator, practically impenetrable by ballistic tank shells such as those fired by the M2 Greatsword and its variants. The shield cannot, however, repulse energy attacks, such as plasma bolts or lasers - conversely, this allows the tank to fire its main gun out of the shield with impunity. (wip)

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