"I shudder to imagine what the boffins at SHM were trying to kill when they came up with the idea for this instrument of death." ~ Captain Boris Mikhailov.


The Sh-TBP (translates to Shubin Heavy Plasma Repeater) is a powerful plasma cannon used by the Mecharussian Armed Forces. Designed in late 2151 as a replacement for both the GSh-3-14.5 ballistic chaingun and the GSh-40 grenade machinegun, the TBP has a much lower rate of fire at 600 rounds per minute, but each individual shot is far more powerful, comparable to a 23-millimetre autocannon in strength. It is not, however, until the beginning of the Trotskaya Regime in 2153 that the TBP enters mass production to become a mainstay antipersonnel weapon of military vehicles and Heavy Assault troopers.

In World War IV, the TBP earns the nickname 'bug-stomper' due to its tendency to kill Imperial Vanguards in a single shot (Vanguards are referred to in colloquial vernacular as 'cockroaches' or 'bugs'). This moniker is considered a complement to the so-called 'hive-stomper' - ascribed to both the 2A52 Burya assault cannon and the 9K217 Sera nuclear warhead launcher, alongside which the TBP served.

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