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Trautmann-Schneider Tacticals (TST) is a major Old Nations arms manufacturer, most notable for its line of heavy vehicle-mounted railguns and ChemRail linear motor rifles.


TST was founded in 2043, starting off as a supplementary military contractor to the German Bundeswehr. By the Great War of 2054, TST was well-established as providing various vehicle add-ons and accessories, their services being used by a number of foreign militaries. The company survived the Great War and gradually reestablished itself, at first by using their remaining factories and assets to produce wasteland survival kits. As the post-war nations recovered and began to rebuild their militaries, TST returned to their original specialty of vehicular arms, a number of Old Nations armored vehicles being outfitted with arms of their design.

More recently, TST has attempted to enter the market of small arms by producing their notorious ChemRail line of linear motor rifles. So far, the TST ChemRail is by far the most powerful infantry rifle in existence, although its proliferation is somewhat hampered by a hefty price tag.

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