The Tandi-Nama accord is an intergovernmental military alliance in the altcanon. The main bulk of its founding treaty was drawn up by McKenzy Tandi and Ilia C. Nama, giving the alliance its name. Its founding members were Ardavia, Britain, the New Frenco Empire and Luna, with the Unified States of South America joining the alliance several months later.

Founded in 2155 shortly after the loss of the majority of the European Federation to the United European Mechanocracy, core elements of its founding treaty were designed to contain the spread of mechanocracy and mechanocratic influence worldwide.

A number of defensive articles exist in the TN Treaty; the most significant of these is Article One, which any member-state can use to activate the Accord's collective defense protocols in the event of being attacked. Article Two merely triggers consultation between member-states, and can likewise be activated by any member.

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