"Have you seen the Cerulean Herald of the Great Oblivion?"

~ to Elena Trotskaya

Nickname(s) The Mindflayer
First appears in Flight of the Polunochnaya
Featured in Flight of the Polunochnaya

The Cerulean Herald

Birth Approx. 48,000 BC
Nationality Qh'naazi Dynasty
Status Alive
Sex Male
Current Location ISV Blood of Miraborg
Affiliations Qh'naazi Dynasty (ostensibly)
Rank Grand Warlock
Moral Alignment Lawful Evil
Allies Qh'naaz


Enemies Elena Trotskaya
Sexual Orientation Asexual
Veteran of: Khazard'Vaari succession conflict
Height 211cm
Weight 180kg
Cybernetics Xenocybernetics

Psionic amplifiers

Hair None
Eyes One, centrally-located, alternates between viridian and bright blue
Species Khazard'Vaar
Apparel Nanoweave Gothic trenchcoat and bowler hat
Weapon Psionic exhibitor-equipped cane
Timeline Alternative Canon
Representing Color Cerulean blue
Representing Symbol
Cerulean Herald (trans)


Thaan'kor (Khazard'Vaari script: Thaan'kor script) is a Khazard'Vaar in the service of the Qh'naazi Dynasty. He is a Ma'nem'zohr (translates to Grand Warlock or Cyberlich, literally translates to great gift-wielder) and hence an extremely powerful psyker, particularly in the field of mental manipulation and illusion; he is said to have personally taught Jedidiah Rogers how to wield these same psychic powers.

Thaan'kor's name translates to "mind-flayer", hence his suffix the Mindflayer.


Thaan'kor shares much in common with his Phaeroness – he is chillingly calm, exceedingly difficult to anger and charming, yet with an underlying madness to his methodology that makes interacting with him for great periods of time an altogether disconcerting experience. He also possesses a taste for Victorian-style fashion, one that he acquired during his various interactions with humans over the past few hundreds of years. This fashion sense puts him at distinct loggerheads with several high-ranking Qh'naazi commanders, particularly Yah'thuzol, Azantekh and Jardaax, none of whom can quite comprehend why a Khazard'Vaar could possibly even want to dress himself in alien attire.

Then again, nobody seems to be quite able to discern Thaan'kor's methods – he is a being who operates in strange, inexplicable ways. Indeed, the only one who seems to know anything about his real motivations is Qh'naaz herself, an equal enigma to the Qh'naazi brass. This knowledge seems to be mutual, with Thaan'kor having a considerably better understanding of the Starkiller's own machinations than most, particularly in regards to her immense desire to capture Elena Trotskaya. Yet even Qh'naaz cannot quite decipher who or what it is Thaan'kor owes his allegiance to. Whether it is to her and her dynasty, or a hypothetical power even higher than them both, she cannot quite decide or figure out.

Wherever Thaan'kor aligns himself, however, it is evident that he considers working alongside the Starkiller – or manipulating her for his own interests – to be more productive than working against her. At least, for the time being...

Combat style

Rather than getting into a fight himself, Thaan'kor prefers to psionically manipulate his enemies, warp and corrupt their minds beyond repair, and get them to kill each other or drive them to irreversible insanity. In this regard, he is a foe of the likes that no mortal has ever encountered before, let alone fought and defeated.

This does not make him incapable of utilising more conventional forms of psionics to assault his enemies, such as energy manipulation. As a Khazard'Vaar with eons of experience in the use and weaponisation of psychic powers, he is adept at using them across all spectra.

Notable appearances

Notable quotes

"Well now... We all decide to pay a visit to the glorious Imperium, and this is our reception?"

~ to Cassar, moments before taking over the Miraborg.


Thaan'kor is the only Khazard'Vaar known to possess an eye that is able to change colour. Indeed, he is the only Khazard'Vaar character shown to possess only one eye – everyone else has two (except for Azantekh, who has four). This, along with his idiosyncratic fashion sense, suggests an origin foreign to even the Khazard'Vaari.

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