The Colonels are the founding fathers of the Baltic Union. They are collectively known by such a name despite not necessarily holding the rank of Colonel.

The Colonels

Col Zeibarts

Col. Zeibārts, Latvian National Guard

Col. Andrejs Zeibārts, a Latvian colonel who commaded the 2nd National Guard Brigade in the defense of Eastern Latvia during the early days of the Great War. After the nuclear missiles fell, he had his forces withdraw to their original bases throughout Central-Eastern Latvia, which would later establish several notable safe zones, most notably in Valmiera, Gulbene and Cēsis. Elected as High Marshal of the Union.
Gen Graube

Gen. Graudiņš, Latvian Land Forces

LtGen. Valdemārs Graudiņš, a Latvian Land Forces lieutenant general who commanded the 1st Land Forces Brigade in the defense of Eastern Latvia. He established the safe-zones of Alūksne, Sigulda, Balvi, Limbaži and Rūjiena.
Gen Kalnins

Gen. Kalniņš, Latvian National Guard

Gen. Normunds Kalniņš, a Latvian Land Forces general in command of the Latvian National Guard (Zemessardze). Asides from defending against the Russian invasion in Eastern Latvia, the National Guard was instrumental in organizing and maintaining immediate post-war safe zones. He is credited with the establishment of safe-zones over much of Eastern Latvia, such as Madona, Rēzekne, Daugavpils, Krāslava, Ludza, Preiļi, Aizkraukle and more.
Col Lejiņš

Col. Sandis Lejiņš, Latvian Land Forces

Col. Sandis Lejiņš, the founder of Liepāja, Ventspils, Saldus and Talsi safe zones.
LtGen Jankus

LtGen. Arūnas Jankus, Lithuanian Army

LtGen. Arūnas Jankus, a Lithuanian Army general notable for his command of the Geležinis Vilkas (Iron Wolf) Armored Brigade, and his role in the establishment of Vilnius and Kaunas safe zones. Served as High Marshal of the Union.
Col Viescunas

Col. Valdis Vieščūnas, Lithuanian Air Force

Col. Valdis Vieščunas, a Lithuanian Air Force colonel notable for the post-war restoration of Siauliai airbase and the Panevežys safe zone.
RAdm Oleskevicus

RAdm. Petras Oleskievičus, Lithuanian Navy

RAdm. Petras Oleskievičus, a Lithuanian Navy admiral who set up safe zones in Klaipēda and Palanga.
Adm Roze

Adm. Kārlis Roze, Latvian Navy.

Adm. Kārlis Roze, the Admiral of Latvian Navy, and the founder of Kolka, Ventspils, Pāvilosta and Liepāja safe zones.
Gen Terras

Gen. Eino Terras, Estonian Army

Gen. Eino Terras, an Estonian Army general. Participated in the defense of Narva in 2054, and consequently established the Narva, Rakvere and Tallinn safe zones. Also the first High Marshal of the Union.
Col Killi

Col. Meeus Killi, Estonian Kaitseliit

Col. Meeus Killi, an Estonian National Guard (Kaitseliit) colonel. Established the safe zones of Tartu, Voru, Valga and Viljandi. Famous for his early wartime raid on Pskov. Also elected as High Marshal of the Union.
Com Saska

Com. Joosep Saska, Estonian Navy

Com. Joosep Saska, an Estonian Navy commander. Founder of the safe zones of Paldiski, Kuresaare and Kardla.
Colonel Walcroft

Colonel Walcroft

Colonel Walcroft, USMC. The only Western colonel to be recognized as a founder of the Union.

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