The flag of the Dominion, using the symbol of the Pan-Asian Communist Party.

The United Dominion of Asian Peoples, shortened to UDAP or the Dominion, is a great power in the Frencoverse. It is a quasi-Maoist, socialist, militaristic dictatorship under the control of the Pan-Asian Communist Party.

Occupying almost the entire Asian continent (except for Japan, Taiwan and Mongolia, all of which are controlled by, respectively, the New Frenco Empire and Mechanocratic Russia), the Dominion has a population close to four billion, making it the most populous country on Earth. The Dominion's capital city is situated in the Chinese supercity of Beijing, and its leader as of 2152 is PACP General Secretary Rong Dazhao.

Often (somewhat inaccurately) considered a puppet-state to the Mechanocracy, especially under the premiership of General Secretary Rajesh Choudary (in power from 2143 to early 2152, when he was ousted in a palace coup by Rong), the Dominion remains a close ally of the Russians until 2185, when - in the Main Canon - it is absorbed into the newly-founded Mechanocracy of Mankind.

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