"Living literally anywhere else on this blasted little dirtball would be better than here."
~ Chen Guohao.
The United Dominion of Asian Peoples (Simplified Mandarin: 大亚洲合众统一领 Dàyàzhōu Hézhòng Tǒngyīlǐng), shortened to (the) UDAP or (the) Dominion, is a great power in the Frencoverse. It is a quasi-Maoist, totalitarian, militaristic dictatorship under the control of the Pan-Asian Communist Party.

Occupying almost the entirety of continental East Asia (except Mongolia, which is controlled by Mechanocratic Russia) and sizeable tracts of the Asian continent, the UDAP has a population close to four billion, making it the most populous country on Earth. The UDAP's capital city is situated in the Chinese supercity of Beijing.

The UDAP is a close ally of Mechanocratic Russia - which leads to accusations that the former is effectively a puppet state of the latter.

In the Main Canon, the UDAP is eventually absorbed into the newly-founded Mechanocracy of Mankind in the year 2185.

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