"Living literally anywhere else on this blasted little dirtball would be better than here."

~ Chen Guohao.

The United Dominion of Asian Peoples (Simplified Mandarin: 大亚洲合众统一领 Dàyàzhōu Hézhòng Tǒngyīlǐng), shortened to (the) UDAP or (the) Dominion, is a great power in the Frencoverse. It is a quasi-Maoist, totalitarian, militaristic dictatorship under the control of the Pan-Asian Communist Party.

Occupying almost the entirety of continental East Asia (except Mongolia, which is controlled by Mechanocratic Russia) and sizeable tracts of the Asian continent, the UDAP is the most populous country on Earth. The UDAP's capital city is situated in the Chinese supercity of Beijing.

The UDAP is a close ally of Mechanocratic Russia - which leads to accusations that the former is effectively a puppet state of the latter.

In the Main Canon, the UDAP is eventually absorbed into the newly-founded Mechanocracy of Mankind in the year 2185.

Governmental system




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