"I see this far too often ... soldiers who believe they have seen it all, done it all. Trust me, 'hypersoldier' - compared to the spectacles that my eyes have witnessed in this galaxy, you have experienced nothing."

~ General Idris, to Elena Trotskaya.


Vaasi Idris is a Utannic military commander who is responsible for coordinating the ground invasion of Mechanocratic Russia and the Old World Conglomerate in the Utannic invasion of Sol. He is especially notable for being one of the Utannic military forces' only males of high rank and status.




Considered the direct opposite to his highly-temperamental counterpart, Admiraless Yuga Valeris, Idris carries about himself the atmosphere of a refined gentleman: he is humble (rather atypically for his kind), mild-mannered, respectful, and highly charismatic. Even as he lays dying at the hands of the wrathful Grand Curatrix Elena Trotskaya, he bears no hatred towards her, only profound admiration for her talent and fortitude.

However, his refinement is by no means to be mistaken for personal weakness: Idris is an exceptionally-talented commander and is more than happy to commit acts of extreme brutality if it furthers his agenda. These two traits make themselves especially clear when he orders his troops to capture and rape the mother of opposing Mecharussian general Victor Golovkin, Ekaterina, to successfully bait him into immediate and reckless action.

Notable appearances

  • Idris' first, and only, proper appearance is in the upcoming Main Canon RP Contact.
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