"I was just one of those people who joined for the thrill. To see the world, and finally get one back on those who would harm us. But this stint has just left me wondering - who are the real monsters in this mess?"

~ Bykov, confiding with Miguel Mendoza aboard the MSS Zmey ekranoplane.


Yegor Bykov is a soldier in the Mecharussian Armed Forces who first served in the Dnepropetrovsk Regiment before being transferred per orders of General Elena Trotskaya to the Special Purpose Guard Brigade. As one of the main characters of the Main Canon, he fought alongside Ivor Bulyagin, Boris Gorshkov and Arkady Grishenko in the Caliphate Conflict as well as against Narodnaya Volya during the Martian Crisis.


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Bykov exhibits stoicism, chivalry and intelligence, and is highly regarded by both fellow Mecharussian and Frenk alike. However, he is also deeply sensitive to death: he is prone to being saddened and, on at least one occasion, even becoming enraged if he learns of their demise. By the time of the Martian Crisis, however, this particular trait appears to have largely diminished. It is evident that Bykov has become a much harsher person, and he even seems to have developed a mild sadistic streak. This is likely as a result of Trotskaya's brutal training regimen.

Notable Appearances

Main Canon


  • He makes a cameo appearance in the Aralkum wargames, where he is shown to be in command of his own squad under Gorshkov's platoon.


  • Bykov is briefly mentioned as having a child in Struggle, though said child is not mentioned subsequently or beforehand in any other RP to date.
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