A column of ZSU-85-4 heavy SPAAGs on the move in Siberia during the Salvagings.

The ZU-85-4 Tsvesti (English: Blossom, nicknamed because the plasma flak clouds resemble blossoming flowers) is a type of heavy self-propelled anti-aircraft mounting used by the Mecharussian Armed Forces, equipped with four 85-millimetre RADAR-guided cannons to accurately shoot down large enemy aerial vehicles. Additionally, the high calibre of its guns allows the machine to seriously damage light ground vehicles and suppress heavier ones, though it is hardly a substitute for a dedicated anti-tank weapon.

As well as 'Tsvesti', the ZU-85-4 weapon system is unofficially referred to as the 'Fuck Gun' - a nickname given to it by Frenkish pilots during the Hokkaido Campaign, after the most common utterance made when encountering it.

The gun is most typically used on Aerofleet warships, often mounted alongside 2K48 plasma CIWS, but a ground-based self-propelled variant, the ZSU-85-4, features the turret mounted onto a Kuznetsovets armoured artillery tractor.

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